STATEMENT. Please note,we are not a sect, or a denomination, or following a man, we are truthfully following the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour in His inspired Word in Worship, Prayer and Fellowship until His welcome return for His Bride. In every church age a Prophet is sent, to reveal the message from the Lord to His Word Bride. We can explain via the Word of God how we become His Word Bride, as in this End-Time Age,we need His True Bible Teaching to lead us into His Word.  Now we will let Brother Branham have the last word! 'No matter how religious you are, how many churches you belong to, how many books your name's on, if that genuine Holy Ghost is in you (which is the Word manifested), you'll see the  Message and the hour, because it's the Holy Ghost that does it. But there has to be something light that off, inspiration strike you. And if you pour water on the ground, and there's no seed in there to strike it, how can it ever bring forth anything? There's nothing there to bring forth. That is, that only the Elected of God can see it.The Elected of God seen it in Noah's time, Moses' time, Jesus' time, the apostles' time, Luther's time, Wesley's time, Pentecostal time, because that was the seed that was on the earth when this inspiration was poured out. Now while the inspiration's poured out, to gather the Bride together, it's only those who are Elected will see it. Jesus said, 'I thank Thee, Father, that Thou hast hid these things from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and revealed It to babes such as learn.'      This Irish website is dedicated to the Bride worldwide, may God richly bless them and lead them into His living Word of Eternal Life .